Tax Audit Management

Tax audits by the revenue authority can steal peace of mind. If not well managed, they can lead to significant costs, cash outflows and lots of wasted time. We assist clients to amicably and expeditiously resolve tax disputes following tax audits by the revenue authority. This entails

Engaging and responding to the tax audit findings.
Objections & Appeals: In situations where the issue is not closed at the audit findings level and there are reasonable grounds for objections, we assist to lodged appeals with the appellate bodies as provided by the tax statutes. We have experience in representing our clients at the Tax Appeals Tribunal and with favorable outcomes
Tax Negotiation and Arbitration: The tax laws provide for out of court settlement through negotiation and arbitration. This is necessary and creates efficiency between the revenue authorities and the taxpayer in circumstances where there are differences in assessments before such matters are escalated to the appellate bodies. We represent clients at the Arbitration and Dispute Resolution (ADR) forum.

Our process

  1. Receive and Evaluate
  2. Analysis and Planning
  3. Make plans and Implement