Internal Controls – rendered by Associates CPA to RUMA CPA LLP

Internal Controls Sound decisions are made on the basis of strong internal control systems. We assist in: Developing and instituting internal control policy framework and subsequent implementation Reviewing and assessing an organization’s compliance with its internal controls Identifying areas of exposure, non-compliance and security weaknesses Availing pragmatic recommendations of key controls/solutions Monitoring implementation Providing continuous [...]

Tax Audit Management

Tax audits by the revenue authority can steal peace of mind. If not well managed, they can lead to significant costs, cash outflows and lots of wasted time

Tax Risk Management

We help our clients to ensure absolute compliance with the local tax legislation and thus help to manage and mitigate tax risks

Customs tax

We help our clients by providing trade and customs advisory services relating to:
• Tariff classification rulings

Tax Refund

We verify, lodge applications and successfully follow up tax refunds including VAT, customs and income tax refunds.

Capacity Development

We offer customised training on all taxes. The objective being, to inform, educate and enable taxpayers and revenue authorities to be on the same plane as much as possible.

Outsourced Tax Services

We assist our clients by taking up the mundane non-strategic operation to allow their staff to focus their time and effort to focus on the more strategic functions.

Tax Health checks

Tax health check is one of the risk management tool used by the management in a bid to proactively manage and mitigate tax risks.

Tax Research

We conduct research on tax related matters and submit proposals to the relevant authorities for consideration, where findings may require policy and legislative changes.

Cost Management

Reviewing factory workflow processes and providing continuous improvement suggestions to enable efficiency and higher productivity at minimal costs

Variance Analysis

Performing comprehensive analysis of factory variances, identifying root causes and recommending remedial actions