Important Links

Revenue Authorities

Burundi Revenue Authority

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)

Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA)

South Sudan Revenue Authority (NRA)

Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA)

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)

South Africa Revenue Service (SARS)


Central Bank Of Kenya (CBK)

Bank Of Tanzania (BOT)

Bank Of Uganda

National Bank Of Rwanda (BNR)

Bank Of South Sudan

Bank Of Burundi (BRB)

Trade & Development Bank (TDB)

Africa Development Bank (AFDB)

Capital Markets and Stock Exhan

Capital Markets Authority – Kenya

Capital Markets Authority – Rwanda

Capital Markets Authority – Tanzania

Capital Markets Authority – Uganda

Nairobi Stock Exchange(NSE)

Uganda Securities Exchange(USE)

Rwanda Stock Exchange (RSE)

DaresSalaam Stock Exchange(DSE)

Trade Associations

Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM)

Rwanda Association of Manufacturers (RAM)

Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA)

Confederation of Tanzania Industries

East African Manufacturers Association

Burundi Association Of Manufacturers (BAM)

Kenya Law

Uganda Law Reform Commission

Law Reform Commission Tanzania

Rwanda Law Reform Commission





Tax Notes

African Tax Administration


 Trading Blocs

East African Community (EAC)



World Trade Organization

Government Ministries and Departments

Unda Trade Portal

Ministry of Finance – Kenya

Ministry of Finance – Tanzania

Ministry of Finance – Uganda

Ministry of Finance – Rwanda

Ministry Of Trade – Kenya

Ministry of Trade – Tanzania

Ministry Of Trade – Uganda

Ministry Of Trade – Rwanda

Ministry of Agriculture – Kenya

Ministry of Agriculture – Tanzania

Ministry of Agriculture – Uganda

Ministry of Agriculture – Rwanda

Ministry of Energy – Kenya

Ministry of Energy – Tanzania

Ministry of Energy – Uganda

Ministry of Energy – Rwanda

East African Business Council Eastern African Grain Council

Communications Authority of Kenya (CA)

Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK)

Rwanda Development Board (RDB)

East Africa Trade Hub

International Trade Centre

World Customs Organization

EPZA Kenya


Uganda Export Promotion Board

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